Grilled Sausage Balls

Sausage Balls

Our friend Brie always brought these sausage balls to parties at our house and they got inhaled quick! Of course we wanted to know her secret recipe and how we could add a smoke element to her dish that she typically made in the oven. When you cook these at a high temp on a pellet grill or on a 2 zone fire, indirect, on a grill....the crispy, cheesy bottom is hard to beat!



Prepare you cooker
Prepare your pellet grill (or grill with a 2 zone setup) at 400 degrees.

Prepare the Sausage Balls
In a large mixing bowl, knead together all ingredients thoroughly. Scoop out into 1" balls.

Cook the Sausage Balls
Place the sausage balls on a greased sheet pan. Cook for ~12 minutes or until the cheese is crispy.

Allow to cool and enjoy!

Sausage Balls

sausage balls

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