Smoked Cream Cheese


Smoked Cream Cheese is so tasty and amazing. It is hard to imagine eating regular cream cheese ever again. It's so simple and its incredible as a stand alone appetizer with a pepper jelly or it can elevate other appetizers like Jalapeño PoppersPig ShotsArmadillo Eggs or Texas Twinkies!

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Smoker prep
Prepare your smoker at a temp of 225 degrees. I like hickory or pecan for this cook, but most woods or pellets will do.

Prep the cream cheese
Place the cream cheese on a plank, pan or aluminum foil as it will fall through the cooking grate it you don't.

Optionally, score the cream cheese for presentation or to add more surface are for seasoning.

Season the cream cheese on all sides with Meat Church The Gospel All Purpose BBQ Seasoning. 

Cook the cream cheese
Place the cream cheese in the smoker and smoke it for 2 hours. 

Remove and optional top or glaze.

Serve with a heavy cracker or pita chip and enjoy!


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