Behind the scenes at Troubadour - the top Texas BBQ & Music Festival with Matt Pittman

Troubadour Festival

Troubadour Festival 2024 at Texas A&M's Kyle Field

A Texas BBQ & Music Experience. Troubadour Festival is the largest barbecue and country music festival in Texas. Between its two locations in Celina and Texas A&M University, Troubadour Festival brings in more than 75 combined barbecue joints from across the Lone Star State as well as premier names in Texas Country, Red Dirt, and Southern Rock music.

At this festival we made beef ribs with crème fraîche and caviar as well as chicken fried brisket with jalapeño ranch. It was an amazing day with top bbq joints ended with awesome musical performances from Travis Tritt, Pat Green, William Clark Green and the Red Clay Strays!

Video recap
Troubadour Festival info:

troubadour festival
troubadour festival
beef ribs with crème fraîche and caviartroubadour festival
chicken fried brisket
aggie yell leaders


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