Garlic & Herb Crusted Tomahawk Prime Rib

Coating a rib roast with a garlic & herb paste and smoking it makes an amazing Prime Rib!

Turkey Stock, Turkey Gravy & Turkey Noodle Soup

This recipe will cover how to make your own stock. Then we will cover how to use that stock to make your own turkey gravy or turkey noodle soup. 

Dry Brined Pellet Grill Turkey

Dry brining turkey is a technique that will help you obtain crispy skin and a deep flavor while taking up less room in your refrigerator. This is a delicious and very simple way to smoke a turkey.

Maple Bourbon Spatchcock Turkey

This maple bourbon spatchcock turkey utilizes a tasty, wet brine to impart serious moisture and amazing flavor into turkey while creating a gorgeous final product.

Nashville Hot Turkey - Smoked Fried Turkey

Given how much we love Nashville Hot Chicken and the popularity of our Nashville Hot Chicken Recipe, we had to try this method on a Smoked-Fried Turkey Breast!

Texas Red Chili

Texas Red Chili AKA Bowl or Red AKA Chili Con Carne started off in the Southwest. Chili was about the meat and the flavors from the chilis. There were no fillers such as beans, noodles or rice.

Brisket Elotes

Grilled Corn in a cup is technically known as esquites, but it is commonly known here in Texas as elotes. Elotes is technically on the cob. in any case, this classic Mexican street food is a favorite weekend snack for Mrs. Meat Church and myself at local gas stations and taquerias.

Carne Guisada

Carne Guisada is a latin beef stew that is very popular here in Texas. On most weekends you can find my wife and I eating breakfast at a local taqueria. Mrs. Meat Church orders barbacoa, but my go to is carne guisada!

Butter Poached Canadian Salmon

In this recipes I take coho salmon I caught in Canada, sear the skin then butter poach the it. Butter Poached Salmon is such an easy technique, yet sophisticated taste.

Texas Twinkies

If you love Jalapeño Poppers then you are going to love my absolute favorite Tailgate Snack - Texas Twinkies. I mean how can stuffing cream cheese and brisket into a jalapeño and wrapping it in bacon and smoking it be bad?

Crappie Ceviche

I took a bunch of crappie I caught recently and made some crappie ceviche at my fishing crazed buddy Bryan's recomm...

Texas Sugar Dry Rub Ribs - Memphis Style Ribs

In this recipe we are going super simple with the cook to allow the rub to stand out. We are making ribs only with this dry rub which will give us a Memphis Style Dry Rub Rib.
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