Brisket Chili

Brisket Chili is one of our favorite colder comfort weather foods. What is more Texan than putting brisket in our chili? That answer is probably not much!

Bacon Brisket with Dayne Weaver of Dayne's Craft Barbecue

This recipe and video are part of our Guest Pitmaster Playlist on YouTube. I'm fortunate enough to have many great friendships in the BBQ world. From time to time my friends are willing to make videos with me and allow us to share the recipe. Dayne Weaver, owner & pitmaster at Dayne's Craft Barbecue is on the coveted Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joint list. Dayne, his wife Ashley and their team, make some of the most beautiful BBQ platters you have ever seen (scroll to the bottom of this recipe to see for yourself). On a recent visit to their BBQ joint at Lola's Trailer Park in Fort Worth I was treated with their "Bacon Brisket." It's technically pork belly that is treated like a brisket, but no one is going to argue with the name Bacon Brisket when it tastes this good! Be sure to check out the awesome video with Dayne that we shot on this cook. 

Smoked Fried Turkey

Smo Fried Turkey. Or is it Smoke Fried Turkey or Smokafried Turkey? I thought if smoking meats is my thing, but fried turkeys are my favorite, why not combine the two methods to make the best turkey ever?

Spatchcock Turkey with Alabama White Sauce

A spatchcock turkey is a great way to prepare a turkey, because it cooks more evenly than a traditional whole turkey plus it presents beautifully! We are going to kick this turkey up a notch with this optional Alabama White Sauce, and trust us, it is so SO GOOD!

Smoked Turkey, Stuffing & Gravy

This is my butter basted, smoked turkey recipe plus an adaptation of my friend Amanda Haas's sausage stuffing plus my smoked turkey gravy which is UNREAL!

Smoked Turkey Legs

We have all had smoked turkey legs at Disney, state or county fair. I wanted to replicate and improve on that in my own backyard. This was one of the most fun cooks we have had in recent memory, so I highly recommend you try this. Our kids really enjoyed it!

Smoked Cream Cheese

Smoked Cream Cheese is so tasty and amazing. It's so simple and its incredible as a stand along appetizer or inside other appetizers such as Jalapeño Poppers, Pig Shots, Armadillo Eggs or Texas Twinkies!

Smoked Bone-In Turkey Breast

Cooking a turkey breast is a great alternative to smoking a turkey for your Holiday meal. In this recipe we smoke a bone-in turkey breast on a beer can chicken holder for great presentation. 

The TX Evergreen Cocktail

If you know us you know we love TX Whiskey and their TX Bourbon. Give this TX Evergreen cocktail a try and let us know what you think!

Bloody Mary

It gets no better in the morning than a tasty Bloody Mary. Wether you are starting off the day or chasing off a hangover, a little hair of the dog always helps. Cheers!

Spicy Margarita

We are in Texas. What is better than a class Margarita? No mix needed. This is a real margarita. Make it a spicy margarita by adding fresh jalapeño if you like. Cheers!

The Treehouse

I learned this cocktail from my buddy Troy Aikman. It's refreshing and great for tailgating or summer time. You can make it as written below or kick it up a notch by grilling the citrus to make it a "Smoked Treehouse."
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