Sous Vide + Griddled Steak

Sous Vide & Griddled Steak Like I always say there are a lot of ways to skin a cat when it comes to cooking. That is especially true with steak. I this video we will use a very popular restaurant technique using a circulator to get the meat tender and then a griddle to sear.

Open Fire Steak + Roasted Potatoes

Grilling a steak over an open fire is at the core of cooking. There is something about the primal nature of this method that gets the blood pumping. Whether you call this an open fire steak or a live fire steak, we can all agree to call this delicious.

Reverse Seared Tri Tip

Tri tip is traditionally grilled over a hot , red oak fire. However in this recipe we are going to reverse sear it where we smoke the tri tip and then sear it at the end. The reverse sear is a great method for an uneven cut of meat such as a tri tip.

Reverse Seared Steak

You keep hearing about this "reverse seared" steak but have no clue how to cook it? Look no further. I'm going to te...
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