Chicken Fried Venison with Smashed Potatoes & Gravy

This is an old school recipe for all my hunting buddies with my Texas addition of our smashed potatoes and gravy. T...

Country Fried Blended Hamburger Steaks with Cream Gravy

I'm loving this blenditarian concept. This blend is an incredibly tasty way to get vegetables into my diet. This conc...

Chicken Fried Brisket Burnt Ends

We are going to take, the holy grail of BBQ, Brisket burnt ends, and kick them up a notch. Well, two notches.  Ingre...

Chicken Fried Steak

Ingredients 1/2 package Meat Church Chicken Fried Steak Breading 4-6 1/2 lb round steaks, tenderized 3 cups fryin...
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