Brisket Series

Watch the 2021 series comparing various techniques on smoking briskets from Meat Church BBQ. In this series you will find unbiased comparisons on: 1.) Smoking a brisket wrapped in foil vs. butcher paper 2.) Smoking a brisket meat side up vs. fat side up 3.) Smoking a brisket with beef tallow vs. no tallow


Watch our series on various cocktails that usually have a smoked or grilled element.

Hardcore BBQ

Watch the 2021 series on the BBQ classics from pulled pork to beef ribs and brisket from Meat Church BBQ.

Tailgating Recipes

I've been tailgating at Dallas Cowboys games for over 20 seasons. Check out my playlist of great tailgate recipes.

Summer Grilling Series

Watch the 2021 series on Summer Grilling dishes from Meat Church BBQ. A lot of lighter fare such as seafood, but also some easy grilled items such as wings and tri tip.
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