Texas Sugar Dry Rub Ribs - Memphis Style Ribs

In this recipe we are going super simple with the cook to allow the rub to stand out. We are making ribs only with this dry rub which will give us a Memphis Style Dry Rub Rib.

Upside Down Brisket

What is an upside down brisket? In Texas, brisket is traditionally smoked fat side up in our top BBQ joints such as ...

How to Reheat Brisket

Let us show you two of our favorite ways to reheat brisket!

Holy Voodoo Brisket

Recently a gentlemen told me he followed my brisket method and turned out the best brisket he had ever made. When I asked if he seasoned with Holy Cow, he replied, “No, Holy Voodoo.” My mind was blown! I had to give this Holy Voodoo brisket a test for myself.....

Pork Tenderloin

A pork tenderloin is one of the easiest and most versatile proteins you can cook. It can be smoked low and slow or grilled hot and fast. They are literally a blank canvas that you can take so many different directions from a flavor profile perspective. 

Jalapeño Ranch

Ranch is a staple in Texas and I'd say the #1 condiment. It goes with EVERYTHING! Our family prefers this jalapeño ranch which is a perfect southwestern flavor profile that is not too "hot."

Smoked Shotgun Shells

Smoked Shotgun Shells make a fantastic appetizer or tailgating treat! 

Crispiest Chicken Wings Ever

I am a chicken wing lover. I love all types of wings. I am always on the hunt for new methods and flavors. I came across a test by J. Kenji López-Alt where he ran many different tests to double fry wings as various temperatures. The results were what we called the most Earth Shatteringly Crispy Chicken Wings!

Firebox Smoked Cheeseburgers

I love a good cheeseburger and I'm always in search of a great new method of cooking a burger. You all know by now I love to incorporate a smoked element into my dishes. So I thought why not sear a fat hamburger patty in the firebox and then smoke it? The resulting firebox smoked burgers are delicious!

Sous Vide + Griddled Steak

Sous Vide & Griddled Steak Like I always say there are a lot of ways to skin a cat when it comes to cooking. That is especially true with steak. I this video we will use a very popular restaurant technique using a circulator to get the meat tender and then a griddle to sear.

No Wrap Pork Butt - Pulled Pork

This no wrap pork butt recipe is a method to make the most simple pulled pork you have ever made and also have insane bark. It's a great way to use a pellet grill to smoke a pork butt (AKA boston butt) when you do not have time to tend to your BBQ.

Pastrami Brisket & Texas Reuben Sandwich

We start by making a Smoked Brisket Pastrami in this recipe and video. Then we take it next level by making a Texas Reuben Sandwich with a homemade Texas Russian dressing with pickled jalapeños.
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