Pickled Red Onions

Pickled red onions are a staple served with Texas BBQ. This recipe is a quick pickle. These pickled red onions go well on so many dishes in addition to BBQ such as as tacos, burgers, sandwiches & salads.

Wagyu Beef Rib Taco

This is the most amazing, smoky, bougie taco you have ever had in your life! We have been making and evolving this taco for years now. Chef Cody Sharp of Mayer's Garden and I have enjoyed collaborating on this taco for years having served it at Chefs for Farmers as well as Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival.

Pellet Grill Brisket

There are a lot of ways to skin a cat when smoking a brisket. This recipe shows you a way to get a super juicy, smoky brisket with an amazing bark when using a pellet grill. 

Texas Style Spare Ribs

As a BBQ man I personally enjoy traditional central Texas style spare ribs. A sharp contrast to sweet, St. Louis style ribs that are so common in the competition BBQ world. 

Japanese BBQ Wings

Combing my 2 favorite cuisines of Texas BBQ & Asian food make this an amazing chicken wing. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and declare these wings my current favorite chicken wing!

Costra Breakfast Tacos

Why use a traditional flour or corn tortilla when you can griddle cheese to make an even more delicious version. This breakfast cooked outside on the Loco Griddle is fun and tasty! 

Crawfish with The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint

In this episode of MEAT the Masters, we travel to Ocean Springs, MS to see my buddy Brad Orrison at The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint and learn his crawfish secrets.

Beef Ribs with Goldees Barbecue

In this episode of MEAT the Masters, my buddy Jonny White, co-owner of Goldees Barbecue shows you step by step how the #1 joint on the famous Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joints list smokes beef ribs each weekend. 

Bacon Burnt Ends with Heim Barbecue

In this Meat the Masters series I have convinced my friend in the BBQ world to share some of their best kept secrets with you guys. In this episode, my buddy Travis Heim who created Bacon Burnt Ends, shows you step by step how to recreate these tasty nuggets that started the whole pork belly burnt craze.


I cook hamburgers all sorts of different ways, but a smash burger is probably my favorite burger. The simplicity of this technique allows the beef and the crust you get from the griddle to shine.

Grilled Steak over a Live Fire + Roasted Potatoes

Grilling a steak over an open fire is at the core of cooking. There is something about the primal nature of this method that gets the blood pumping. Whether you call this an open fire steak or a camp fire steak, we can all agree to call this delicious.

BBQ Fried Rice

When I'm not eating BBQ, I'm eating Asian fried. So why not combine my two favorite foods?
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