Pork Ribs made with Fast Food Restaurant Condiments

fast food restaurant condiment ribs

One day I was eating chicken nuggets at McDonald's with my son and I starting wondering how pork ribs made from nothing but fast food restaurant condiments would turn out? This recipe and video show you the surprising results of this fun experiment!

Video for this recipehttps://youtu.be/yKe8KWcEyF0


  • 1 rack spare ribs, St. Louis cut
  • Fast Food Restaurant Condiments
    • Mustard - Whataburger
    • Salt & Pepper - Whataburger
    • Serendipity (season salt) - Chicken Express 
    • Brown Sugar - Starbucks
    • Honey - McDonald's
    • Butter - McDonald's
    • Hot Sauce - Taco Casa
    • Barbeque Sauce - Chic-fil-A
fast food condiments

    Prepare your smoker or pellet grill
    Prepare your smoker at 275 degrees. We used a Traeger Timberline XL with hickory pellets in this video. Pecan or a fruit wood would also be good choices for this smoke.

    Prepare the ribs
    Trim any excess off the ribs.

    Flip the ribs meat side down and remove the membrane off the back of the rack. This is very easily accomplished by grabbing the membrane with a paper towel and pulling it off. Removing the membrane will allow your rub to penetrate into the meat more effectively.

    My Hammy Vice

    Slather the ribs with mustard from Sonic.

    sonic mustard

    Season the bone side of the ribs with salt & pepper from Whataburger and serendipity from Chicken Express.

    Flip the ribs over and season the same way on the meat side.

    Chicken Express Serendipity

    Allow the seasoning to adhere for at least 15 minutes or up to an hour. 

    fast food condiment ribs

    Smoke the ribs
    Place the ribs meat side up in the smoker. Smoke the ribs for 2.5 hours.

    fast food condiment ribs

    Wrap the ribs
    Lay down 2 pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil.

    Lay the ribs on the foil, meat side up.

    Place 4 McDonald's butter pats on the ribs.

    fast food ribs

    Lightly season with Starbucks brown sugar. Drizzle with McDonald's honey. Finally, drizzle with Taco Casa hot sauce. 

    taco casa hot sauce

    Wrap the ribs in the foil.

    Finish cooking the ribs
    Return the ribs to the smoker and continue to cook until meat has pulled back and exposed the bone about 1/4" inch.  This typically takes ~2 hours depending on the size of the ribs.

    Remove the ribs from the foil and sauce them with Chi-fil-A Barbeque sauce.

    chhic-fil-a barbeque sauce

    Return the ribs to the smoker for 10 - 15 minutes to tack up the sauce. 

    fast food condiment ribs

    Remove the ribs from the smoker. Allow to rest for a few minutes.

    fast food condiment ribs

    Slice and enjoy!

    fast food condiment ribs
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