Shrimp Brochette

Shrimp Brochette

Years ago at an epic Super Bowl party I stumbled across what would become one of my favorite tailgating or just general appetizers of all time - Grilled Shrimp Brochette. My buddy Dave Jimenez used to make tons of these bacon wrapped gems. There was a lot of labor involved in making tons of these for a huge Super Bowl party but I have found that the reward is worth it!


    • 1 lb XL shrimp, peeled & deveined 
    • 1/2 block of Monterrey Jack Cheese (I use with jalapeños added)
    • 6 fresh jalapeños
    • 1 package regular bacon
    • 2 T Meat Church Holy Voodoo BBQ Rub (sub The Gospel Honey Hog, Holy Gospel, Deez Nuts)
Meat Church How To YouTube Video:

    Grill prep
    Prepare your grill at a temp of 425. degrees. 

    Shrimp Brochette prep
    Peel & devein the shrimp. Filet open slightly. Set aside. 
    Core the jalapeños and cut them into small slivers. 
    Slice the cheese into similar slivers to the peppers.
    Slice the bacon in half.

    shrimp brochette

    Place 1 pepper slice and cheese slice where you filleted the shrimp. Wrap in a half piece of bacon holding together with a toothpick.
    After you have constructed all of the shrimp, season lightly with Meat Church Holy Voodoo.

    Grill the Shrimp Brochettes:
    Slightly oil your cooking grate. Place the shrimp brochette on directly on the grate turning at least once during the cook to obtain char on both sides.

    Shrimp Brochette

    Cook until the bacon starts to get crispy and look just right. This cook will take ~15 - 20 minutes at 425.

    Pull the shrimp from the grill and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes. Enjoy!

    Shrimp Brochette

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