Big Green Egg's Eggtoberfest was a success!

You know you did something correct when you have a line all day long like we did yesterday. It had to be 50 deep for most of the day. Very, very cool. We cooked so hard yesterday that I am sore today. We ended up taking 2nd out of 65 teams in the recipe contest judged by the 5,000 folks in attendance!! 

It was so much fun cooking with people on our team that drove from Massachusetts (20 hours), Missouri (12), Florida (7.5), Tennessee and Georgia. Wait, and I came from Texas. These were all folks we have met online through Instagram, Twitter, etc. Our cook would not have been possible without them and they worked their tails off. Big Green Craig and I owe each of you!

We went with a very ambitious cook considering our main dish\contest entry was sushi. But, we were willing to take the risk to do something a little more chefy. Our maple bacon cookies, corn dog brisket bites and Spanish paella seemed to be well liked.

There were so many cool moments yesterday. Getting to cook with my brother from another mother, Matt Pittman. (BTW, let me tell you something. That guy is passionate about Egging and can cook his ass off.) Winning 2nd Place out of 65 in the Recipe Contest Entry.Linkie Marais leaving her demo area just to come try our food and take a pic.  Being literally the last people to leave Eggtoberfest because we hung out and drank some cold pops and ate leftovers for hours in the parking lot. That is why the Egghead community is so d*mn awesome!

We can't wait for next year. Enjoy some the video and some pics....  


Official Eggtoberfest 2014 Video 

                             Just Dap Tip Roll & Corn Dog'd brisket bites

                                                   Reverse Seared tri-tip
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