Bourbon BBQ Wings

Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings

We love making chicken wings. We also love TX Bourbon. So what happens when you combine 2 of our favorite things? I'll tell you what happens - DELICIOUS!

We are going to keep this recipe super simple and approachable for anyone by starting with a store bought BBQ sauce rather than having to make your own!

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Prepare your Smoker
Prepare your smoker  (or grill setup for an indirect cook) at a temperature of 375. If using a smoker or pellet grill, we recommend mesquite, hickory or pecan for this cook. 

Prepare the Wings
If you have whole chicken wings, remove the tip and separate the drummette and wing from each other. Pat them dry. Season the wings moderately on all sides with our Holy Gospel. Allow the seasoning to adhere for 15 minutes. 

Bourbon BBQ Wings

Cook the Wings
Place the wings in your smoker. They will take ~45 minutes to cook depending on size. Use an instant read thermometer to ensure your wings are at least 165. Poultry is done and ready to eat at 165 internal temperature, but we prefer to take wings to 185 - 190 to allow them to crisp. While the wings are cooking prepare your Bourbon BBQ sauce. 

BBQ Bourbon Sauce prep
Combine the BBQ sauce, TX Bourbon and mustard in a small saucepan over medium heat. Simmer for 5 minutes stirring constantly. 

Sauce the Wings
Remove the wings from the smoker and toss them in a large mixing bowl with the warm Bourbon BBQ sauce. Toss & coat them completely.

Bourbon BBQ wings

Return wings to the smoker for 7 - 8 minutes to allow the sauce to tack up. 

Remove from the smoker. Allow to cool and enjoy!

Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings

TX Bourbon Chicken Wings

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