Brisket Elote & Texas Twinkies with B4 Barbeque & Boba

Brisket Elote & Texas Twinkie

I've been lucky enough to build amazing relationships with some of the top pitmasters in the world. In this Meat the Masters Guest Pitmaster series I have convinced them to share some of their best kept secrets with you guys.

In this episode of Meat the Masters, Nolan Belcher, the owner of B4 Barbeque & Boba in Mabank, TX, shows you step by step how to recreate one of his most popular special menu items - Brisket Elote served with a Texas Twinkie. Nolan makes both of these items with Meat Church products in his daily routine at the restaurant. The brisket elote comes with a whopping 6 ounces of chopped brisket in it and the corn is seasoned with Holy Voodoo. The Texas Twinkie is one of the best I've ever had and is loaded with our Texas Sugar plus some other surprise ingredients.

You guys be sure to visit Nolan and his wife Emily at B4 BBQ located inside the Mabank Feed Store! This is a family operation that can be found in a super cool and unique location on a great Texas BBQ roadtrip!

Video for this recipe:

Guest Pitmaster Series:

Some photos from our visit to B4 Barbeque & Boba:

B4 Barbeque & Boba
brisket elote
B4 Barbeque & Boba


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