Brisket Smashburger Tacos

 Smashburger Tacos

I had to jump on the 2023 viral Smashburger Taco trend. Smashburgers are my absolute favorite way make hamburgers. In true Meat Church fashion we had to kick this trend up a notch by starting with grinding up a a brisket in this video for the 80\20 meat that is needed. You can do that or just start with 80\20 ground meat which is the perfect meat to fat ratio to keep these together. and used These are insanely delicious brisket smashburger tacos!

Meat Church How To YouTube Video:


  • 1 lbs 80\20 ground beef (we ground brisket in this video)
  • 4 slices cheddar cheese
  • Meat Church Dia de la Fajita seasoning
  • 4 fresh tortillas
  • Garnish
    • chopped lettuce
    • chopped tomatoes

Smashburger Sauce

  • 1 C, Duke's mayo
  • 2 T, spicy ketchup
  • 1 t, yellow mustard
  • 1 t, Worcestershire sauce (we use The W Sauce)
  • 1/2 C, pickled jalapeño, diced
  • 1/8 C, Red onion, diced
  • Meat Church Texas Sugar to taste


  • Smashburger Press

      Prepare the griddle
      Heat your griddle to medium-high heat. We used a Traeger Flatrock in this video

      Prepare your burgers
      Rolls the ground beef into 4 1/4lb balls. 

      Smashburger Tacos

      Prepare the sauce
      Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Stir to combine. Set aside. 

      Burger Sauce

      Cook the smashburger tacos
      Drop meat balls on the griddle. 

      Brisket Smashburger Tacos

      Cover with a tortilla. Smash the tortilla\burger ball with the smashburger press.

      Traeger Flatrock Griddle

      Cook for 3 minutes. Flip.

      Lightly season with Meat Church dia de la Fajita. Top with cheese.

      Smashburger Tacos

      Continue to cook for 2 more minutes. 

      Remove from the griddle. 

      Build the smashburger tacos
      Top the smashburger tacos with your desired toppings. In this video we used chopped lettuce, tomatoes and the delicious smashburger sauce. 

      Smashburger Tacos

      Enjoy these epic smashburger tacos!

      Smashburger Tacos


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