Cheesy Tater Tot Burrito as seen on The Tonight Show

Matt Pittman appeared on The Tonight Show staring Jimmy Fallon on Monday February 5th, 2024. It was the thrill of a lifetime to be included on such an iconic show. Jimmy and his entire staff were so nice and accommodating. Matt and Tarik made an "open faced cheesy tator tot burrito topped with a beef rib" which we have re-created in this recipe and video and it's actually very delicious!

The "Super Bowl Grill Master Challenge with Billy Durney and Matt Pittman" from The Tonight Show can be seen here:

 Meat Church How To YouTube Video:



Combine the cooked tater tots and queso in a bowl. Heat over medium heat in a pan until it comes together and is nice and warm.

cheesy tater tot burrito

Pour the cheesy tater tot mixture over a warm tortilla. 

cheesy tater tot burrito

Cover the entire bed of tots with chopped beef rib. 

cheesy tater tot burrito

Top with fresh guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. Season with Meat Church BLANCO.

If you are really feeling adventurous, top the entire open faced burrito with a giant beef rib for presentation.

cheesy tater tot burrito


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