Grilled Pear Burner Wings

Pear Burner Wings
These grilled chicken wings seasoned with Meat Church Holy Voodoo and tossed in Finch BBQ Sweet Habanero BBQ Sauce and Brushfire Farms Prickly Pear Pepper Jam are insanely delicious! I love chicken wings and make them every which way possible. I'm known for using my friend's products that I find delicious and these two Texas made products combine for an epic wing sauce! James, the owner of Brushfire, made these "Pear Burner Wings" for me at a Meat Church event and I was instantly hooked.
You can grill or smoke these, but we chose to grill them in this video to obtain a nice char. As Matt always says, there if a fine line between char and burned and a good char has a great flavor.  No matter your cooking technique, we know you will love this flavor combo!
Video for this recipe ->
Pear Burner Wings
    Prepare your grill
    Prepare your direct grill over 400 degrees. We used a Mill Scale Yakitori Grill with lump charcoal in this video
    Prepare the wings
    Season the wings liberally with Meat Church Holy Voodoo. Allow to adhere for at least 15 minutes.
    pear burner wings
    Grill the wings
    Place the wings on the grill grate directly over the fire.
    Mill Scale Yakitori
    Cook the wings by tossing and turning continually to obtain color and flavor, but without burning. Cook the wings to your desired doneness. The USDA advises chicken is done at 165 degrees, but in this video we cook them to ~185 as that is our preference to obtain more char. 
    grilled pear burner chicken wings

    Prepare the sauce
    Combine the Finch BBQ Sweet Habanero Sauce & Brushfire Farms Prickly Pear Pepper Jam in a small pot. Heat and stir to combine.

    pear burner chicken wings

    Finish the wings
    Toss the cooked chicken wings in a large metal bowl. 

    pear burner wings
    Return to the grill for 3 - 5 minutes to slightly tack up the sauce and obtain more char. Be careful not to burn the wings as the sauce has sugar in it. 
    grilled pear burner chicken wings
    Remove the wings from the grill, allow to cool and enjoy!
    Grilled Prickly Pear Wings
    Pro Tip: Pair it with a Prickly Pear Ranch Water!
    Prickly Pear Ranch Water
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