Grilled Red Snapper

Grilled Snapper

Grilled red snapper is a classic Texas seafood dish. This recipe is so easy & so light!

Meat Church How To YouTube Video:


    • (2) red snapper filets on the half shell (1 fish)
    • Meat Church Holy Voodoo (sub Gospel or Honey Hog or salt & pepper)
    • 1 T olive oil
      • Optional
        • Halved lemons
    • Tools

Prepare your Grill
Prepare your grill to a temperature of 375.  
Prepare the Fish
Lightly oil both sides of the filet with olive oil. Lightly season with meat side with the Holy Voodoo. Allow to adhere for 10 minutes.

grilled snapper
Grill the Fish
Place the filet meat side down on a cleaned\oiled grill grate. This will allow you to get color and flavor on that side. Grill for 3 minutes. Using a spatulate flip the filet over. No we will cook on the skin side. The skin will help protect the delicate fish during this cook.

We are targeting 137 degrees internal temp (Matt's preference on doneness), so using your IR Thermometer in the thickest part of the filet, pull the filet around 132-133 and it will carry over cook until the 137 mark. 

grilled snapper
Remove from the fire and top with a squeeze of lemon (you could also use butter or whatever you like.)

Grill halved lemons that have been dredged in Holy Voodoo until charred. 

grilled snapper

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