How to Reheat Brisket

 reheat bbq

I get asked, "what is the best way to reheat leftover brisket" ALL of the time. Whether you are reheating leftovers or reheating a full packer brisket, these 2 methods will give you amazing results as you can see from this video.

Meat Church How To YouTube Video:

Method 1: Sous Vide

Start with the brisket in a vacuum sealed bag. It's ok for the brisket to be wrapped in butcher paper if that is how you cooked it. It's also great, and preferred, to have any leftover liquid from the cook or beef tallow in the bag.

reheat brisket

Set up an immersion circulator at a temperature of 165. After the water is to temp, submerge the brisket.

 reheat brisket

Allow 90 - 120 minutes depending on the size of your brisket. In this video, this 9 lb brisket was re-heated for 2 hours. 

reheat bbq

Remove the brisket from water bath and then remove from the vacuum seal bag. If you used any butcher paper, ring out all the fat and tallow from the paper onto the brisket. You can slice immediately!

Method 2: Smoker, Pellet Grill or Oven

Prepare your smoker, pellet grill or oven at a temperature of 225. Place the brisket on a disposable hotel pan or a sheet pan. The brisket can be unwrapped. If re-heating in a smoker or pellet grill it is also ok for it to be in the butcher paper from the original cook. Do not re-heat in foil or it will steam the bark away.

Cover the brisket with slices of butter. This fat is your friend to provide much needed moisture when reheating.

briket reheat

Reheat until the internal temperature is over 140. This will take 90 - 120 minutes depending on the size of your brisket.

brisket reheat traeger

In this video, an 8 lb brisket was reheated for 2 hours and the internal temperature was 158.

reheat brisket

Remove the brisket from the smoker. You can slice immediately!

reheat brisket

brisket reheat

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