Upside Down Brisket

Upside Down Brisket

What is an upside down brisket? In Texas, brisket is traditionally smoked fat side up in our top BBQ joints such as in this video. However, cooking brisket meat side up, AKA upside down, is a very popular method. It comes from the competition BBQ world. In this video, we go back and revisit that meat up method to see if we like it or if we are glad we switched to a more traditional Texas method when cooking our brisket.

YouTube Video on this cook:
BTW, if you are new to Meat Church, or, here are our more traditional brisket recipes:
Texas Brisket on an Offset Smoker
Pellet Grill Brisket

    Prepare your smoker
    Prepare your smoker to a temperature of 250 with oak, mesquite or hickory. We used a Traeger Timberline XL with Meat Church pellets in this video which is a blend of oak and hickory. 

    Trim your brisket
    Trim the full packer brisket to your liking or as you see in this video.

    Prepare the brisket
    Mix 1 C water with 1/3 C brisket injection. Shake and mix thoroughly.

    Upside down brisket

    Inject the brisket in a 1" x 1" grid pattern in the flat.

    Upside down brisket

    You do not have to inject the point due to the extra intramuscular fat, but you can if you like. You should about have about half of the mixed injection remaining. Set aside. 

    Season the brisket 2:1 with Holy Cow to Holy Gospel. Alternatively you can simply use Holy Cow or your favorite brisket rub. 

    Upside down brisket

    Allow to adhere for at least 30 minutes.

    Competition Brisket

    Smoke your brisket
    Place the brisket meat side up in your smoker. Spritz with cider vinegar anytime it begins to look dry. Smoke until the flat reaches an internal temperature of 175. Remove the brisket from the smoker.

    Place the brisket in a disposable steam pan (or foil). Pour the remaining brisket injection over the brisket.

    Upside down brisket

    Cover the pan with foil and return to the smoker. Continue to cook until the flat is tender which is typically around 203 internal. 

    Remove from the smoker. Open the foil to allow the steam to roll out.

    Competition Brisket

    Rest for at least one hour. Preferably two - three hours.

    Slice and enjoy!

    Competition Brisket

    Competition Brisket

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