Smoked Bologna

Smoked Bologna is a delicious and cheap sandwich which takes me back to my childhood. My Granny in Alabama made me fried bologna sandwiches. She cut slits in the bologna and fried it in a skillet and simply served it with mayo on white bread.

Fast forward to present day and I choose to add a smoked element to it and pay tribute to all the cooking she taught me. The end result is a smo-fried bologna sandwich that is awesome! I've made this recipe with cheap bologna and all the way up to very expensive bologna. To be honest, I like the $8 chub from a local grocery store the best. The leftovers will save for a while and my family usually eats on it all week. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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  • Sandwiches

    • White bread

    • Duke's Mayo

Prep your smoker

Prepare your smoker at a temperature of 250. We recommend a medium smoke wood or pellet for this cook such as hickory or pecan, but any wood will do. 

Prepare the chub
Score this chub with a boning or filet knife. This will open up the bologna as it cooks giving more surface area for seasoning and smoke. Plus it reminds of how my Granny prepared her slices. I like to slice a small incision about 1 cm deep the length of the chub. I repeat that process every one inch. Watch this video for a detailed explanation -

Slather the chub completely with yellow mustard to act as a binder for the seasoning. Otherwise it's really difficult to get the seasoning to adhere. This will not affect the flavor profile and your final product will NOT taste like mustard. 

Season liberally with Meat Church The Gospel. 

Cook the chub
Place the chub in your smoker. Smoke for at least 2 hours. Some folks like to go longer. Time is not super important on this cook as you are simply re-heating a cooked piece of meat and trying to impart some smoke flavor into it. 

Remove the chub from the smoker. Allow to cool for 10 minutes.

Slice thick. Sear in a piping hot cast iron skillet for 45 seconds per side. 

Create sandwiches with white bread and mayo. You may like yours with lettuce and tomato, but I like it plain myself. Enjoy!


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