Spicy Margarita

spicy margarita

We are in Texas. What is better than a class Margarita? No mix needed. This is a real margarita. Make it a spicy margarita by adding fresh jalapeño if you like. Cheers!

Video for this recipe -> https://youtu.be/J4hbPg1by3c


  • 4 parts Blanco Tequila (We use Dos Primos)
  • 2 parts freshly squeezed lime (bonus if you grill the limes
  • 1 part agave nectar
  • 1 part water
  • 1 fresh jalapeño sliced

Make the cocktail
Mix 4 parts tequila, 2 parts lime, 1 part agave & 1 part water. Shake. Pour into a glass of ice and a slice of jalapeño rimmed with Holy Voodoo and garnished with a grilled lime wedge. You can also muddle the jalapeño to kick it up a notch further.

spicy margarita

If you want to make it a Smoked Spicy Margarita
Slice several limes in half. Dip the flesh side in turbinado sugar, Grill hot at 500 (450 if that is your max temp) on a pellet grill to get a nice char on them.

Grilled citrus


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