The Ultimate Prime Rib

 Prime RIb

The Ultimate Prime Rib
I have prepared prime rib so many different ways in my lifetime. Smoked, reverse seared, etc. I've prepared bone in, boneless and standing rib. This year I decided to combine a couple of my favorite cooking methods (smoke + sous vide) to create what I think is the "Ultimate Prime Rib!" My basic goal here was to impart smoke into a standing rib roast without cooking it to my final desired doneness. Then let the sous vide + a sear get me to my end goal of crust to crust medium rare. I didn't want to see any grey meat. If you like your meat more well done, simply increase the sous vide temperature to your desired doneness or liking. Enjoy!



Prepare your smoker
Prepare your smoker at 200 degrees. I like a heavier smoking wood such as oak, mesquite or hickory for this cook. Pecan would work fine as well. 

Create the Ultimate Prime Rib
I took an entire rib roast and cut it down to a 6 bone piece that would be enough for the multiple families we were feeding. I trimmed away the bones to make a standing rib roast. This is my preferred method to cook prime rib for several reasons; 1.) I can season all sides or the meat. 2.) I can easily remove the bones after the cook and 3.) I can therefore sear all sides.
Prime Rib
Then I seasoned liberally with Holy Cow + our Gourmet Garlic & Herb. 
Prime Rib
I tied the ribs back on with butcher's twine. 
I tied the ribs back on with butcher's twine. 
I smoked the rib roast on my Traeger at 200 degrees, super smoke, for approximately 3 1/2. I chose a low temperature because I didn't want the roast to reach my desired internal temp but wanted to impart a smoke element into this dish. The time of your smoke will depend on your smoker's temp and the size of your roast. I didn't want to go past 120 degree internal temperature.
I removed the roast from the smoker, allowed it to cool a bit and then vacuum sealed it in a bag with my Foodsaver.
Then I placed the roast in a circulator water bath with my Anova at 126 degrees. 
Anova Sous Vide
After 5 hours (this could have been done over night or early in the AM) I removed the roast from the bag. I cut the twine to remove the ribs and patted both pieces of meat dry.
Prime Rib
I seared the roast over a hot fire on all sides. After a short rest we sliced it and served with a reverse seared beef tenderloin because Meat Church serves meat with a side of more epic meat and some of our horseradish cream.
Prime RIb
Oh, and for the best part....the ribs! I placed the ribs back on the Traeger for an hour unwrapped.
Traeger beef ribs
Then I wrapped those in pink butcher paper and continued to cook until they were 205 degrees internal temp. I call these the cook's treat and I enjoyed those all to myself that evening. 
Prime Rib Beef Ribs
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