W Sauce Chicken Sandwich

 W Sauce Chicken Sandwich

One of the most delicious chicken sandwiches you will ever taste! W Sauce is Matt's favorite Worcestershire sauced that just happens to be made by his dear friend Bear Holeman and his partner Burton Young. Matt & Bear met each other years ago through working with YETI. Bear is an extremely well known and talented angler down in the Florida Keys. One day he called Matt to tell him he was coming out with a Worcestershire sauce. Matt kind of chuckled. Then a very legitimate bottle showed up at his house. He cracked it open and tasted one of the most delicious sauces he had ever tasted. He first tried it in a Bloody Mary. Then he marinated chicken in it. It was a HIT. Years later we are finally making this simple yet delicious recipe into a video for you all to enjoy. The W Sauce truly is America's Worcestershire, it is so much bigger, better, and bolder than any sauce with the Worcestershire name.

Meat Church How To YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/PoojdIKPV9Y


  • 8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs (sub white meat if you prefer)
  • 12oz bottle of W Sauce
  • 8 slices of pepper jack cheese (sub your favorite cheese)
  • 8 toasted buns
  • 8 slices of lettuce, tomatoes and pieces of fried bacon and condiment of choice
  • Meat Church Holy Voodoo (sub Fajita, Gospel, Holy Gospel or Holy Cow)


W Sauce

    Prepare & marinate the chicken
    Trim any excess fat away from the chicken. Place the chicken and 1 bottle of W Sauce in a vacuum sealed or ziplock bag.

    W Sauce Chicken Sandwich

    Marinate for 12 - 24 hours. We marinated for 24 hours in this video

    Remove the chicken from the marinade. 

    Season with Meat Church Holy Voodoo

    W Sauce Chicken Sandwich

    Allow to adhere for 15 minutes. 

    W Sauce

    Prepare your grill
    Prepare your grill for medium high heat grilling. In this video we used a Traeger Timberline with hickory pellets, but you can use any type of cooker that you like.

    Cook the chicken
    Place the chicken on the hot grill.

    Traeger grilled chicken

    Flip and move the chicken around the cooking grates during the cook to get good char while cooking each piece evenly.  

    W Sauce Chicken Sandwich

    Using your instant read thermometer, cook the chicken until it is at least 165 internal temperature. If you are cooking dark meat it is ok to go higher than 165 to get char as you won't dry it out as quick as white meat.

    Add slices of cheese to each piece of meat during the last minute of the cook so it melts perfectly.

    grilled chicken

    Remove the chicken from the grill and allow to cool.

    Grilled Chicken on a Traeger

    Build the sandwiches
    Toast the buns with butter then add a swipe of Duke's mayonnaise or whatever condiment you prefer.

    Add lettuce, then tomato, then chicken and finally bacon. 

    W Sauce Grilled Chicken

    Enjoy one of the most delicious chicken sandwiches you've ever tasted!

    W Sauce Chicken Sandwich


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