Rosewood Block Topper Board

Regular price $ 200.00

Matt & Tyler (owner of Rosewood Block) designed this block for raw trimming and food prep. This board was originally designed to sit on top of the TX Signature block. It can be used as a topper or also works great as a standalone block.

The topper is built brisket-sized but lighter, thinner and groove-less to make cleaning easier all while saving the signature block for the main slicing event!

The Block:Size:
24 x 16 x 1.25”
Hardwood: Cherry
Block Weight: 11 lbs
Meat Church Epoxy Inlay available in white, red, orange, green & blue


***ALL BOARDS WILL BE SHIPPED SEPARATELY FROM ALL MEAT CHURCH PRODUCTS. They will be drop shipped from Rosewood in Arkansas.***

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