Bacon Burnt Ends with Heim Barbecue

 Bacon Burnt Ends

I've been lucky enough to build amazing relationships with some of the top pitmasters in the world. In this Meat the Masters series I have convinced them to share some of their best kept secrets with you guys. In this episode, my buddy Travis Heim owner of Heim Barbecue and the man who created Bacon Burnt Ends, shows you step by step how to recreate these tasty nuggets that started the whole pork belly burnt craze. Travis' "Bacon Burnt Ends" are different from the pork belly burnt ends you see all over, so join me in Fort Worth, Texas at HEIM Barbecue on the River as we make the the OGs together!

Video for this recipe ->

Guest Pitmaster Series:

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Some photos from our visit to Heim Barbecue (River Location):

Heim Barbecue

Heim BBQ

Bacon Burnt Ends

Heim BBQ

Heim Barbecue


Bacon Burnt Ends

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