Bratwurst Popper Boats

 sausage popper boats

Bratwurst Popper Boats AKA Sausage Poppers make a great tailgating or game day snack option. These fresh brats are slit open to form a "boat" and filled with a mixture of cream cheese, pickled jalapeños and Meat Church BBQ seasoning to create a very hardy and filling game day treat. 

Meat Church How To YouTube Video:


  • 5 fresh bratwurst
  • 1 C, whipped cream cheese
  • 1 C, sharp cheddar, freshly shredded
  • 2 T, pickled jalapeños (sub fresh if you want spicy)
  • 1 T, Meat Church Honey Bacon BBQ seasoning
  • 15 slices of fresh jalapeños (sub pickled if you don't want spicy)

Prepare your smoker or pellet grill
Prepare your smoker at 300 degrees. We used a Traeger Timberline with pecan pellets for this cook. Any wood type would be fine for this smoke since the cook is so quick.

Prepare the mixture
Mix the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeños & Honey Bacon BBQ seasoning in a medium bowl. Mix to combine and set aside. 

Sausage Poppers

Prepare the bratwurst
Pierce the casing and cut a slit length wise down the entire bratwurst.

Bratwurst Popper Boats

Using your fingers, or a small spoon form the bratwurst into a boat as seen in this video

Bratwurst Popper Boats

Fill the boat with the cream cheese mixture. 

Sausage Poppers

Season the top with more Honey Bacon BBQ seasoning.

Sausage Popper Boats

Optionally place on a wire rack so that you only have to put 1 item in and out of your smoker vs. each individual sausage. 

Bratwurst Popper Boats

Cook the Bratwurst
Place the bratwurst boats in the smoker.

Bratwurst Popper Boats

Cook until the internal temperature of the bratwurst hits 165 using an instant read thermometer. That took 30 minutes in this video. 

Bratwurst Popper Boats

Remove from the smoker. Garnish with slices of fresh jalapeño.

Bratwurst Popper Boats

Allow to cool.

Sausage Popper

You can enjoy these as a stand alone item or you can add caramelized onions and mustard (Matt's favorite).

Bratwurst Popper Boats


Bratwurst Popper Boats


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