Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

 Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

A Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak off a griddle with our homemade jalapeño ranch is one of the tastiest sandwiches you will ever eat!

This recipe will yield 3 big BIG sandwiches as you can see in the below video or several smaller ones depending how you load up the buns. 

Meat Church How To YouTube video:

More griddle videos:



    Prepare the griddle 
    Prepare the griddle or cast iron pan at medium heat or around 350. In this video we used a Traeger Flatrock Griddle to prepare these delicious sandwiches.

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

    Prepare the sandwich
    Lay down 5 pieces of bacon.

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

    Cook until crispy you will crumble them after they cool to incorporate into the chicken and onion mixture. 


    Preserve the residual grease that you produce from the cook. Set aside the bacon to drain. 

    Sauté the onions for 3 - 5 minutes in the bacon grease. 

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

    Apply 1 t of cooking oil to the griddle and warm. Drop down the ground chicken.

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

    Season with Texas Sugar and fold in the sautéed onions. Cook the ground chicken until 165 internal temperature verifying with an instant read thermometer. Crumble the bacon and mix in the meat\onion mixture.

    ground chicken

    Divide the meat\onion\bacon mixture into rectangular piles that will be destined for your buns.

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

    Butter your buns and warm them open side down on the griddle to toast.

    Near the end of the cook, lay down slices of cheese as seen in this video.

    toasted buns

    Continue to cook until the cheese is very melted. Using a spatula, scoop the meat\onion\bacon\cheese onto the buns.

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak

    Philly Cheesesteak

    Top with homemade jalapeño ranch.

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak


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