Smoked Turkey Legs

 Smoked Turkey Leg

We have all had smoked turkey legs at Disney, or at a state or county fair. I wanted to replicate and improve on that in my own backyard. This was one of the most fun cooks we have had in recent memory, so I highly recommend you try this. Our kids really enjoyed it!

How To YouTube Video:

  • Brine
  • Gospel
  • Pepper

Prepare your smoker
Prepare you smoker at 250. I used post oak for this smoke, but hickory, mesquite or pecan would also be good choices.

Brine the turkey legs
Mix our Bird Bath Brine with water per the instructions on the bag, plus 2T of The Gospel AP and 1 t of black pepper in a sauce pot. Heat it to dissolve the brine. Then completely allow the brine mixture to cool. Pour the brine into a ziplockl bag or food safe container and submerge the legs in it. Brine them overnight. Remove from the brine, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Season the turkey legs
Pull the skin back on the drumstick to expose the meat. You may need a sharp knife to help slice the membrane. Once the skin is pulled back season the meat with The Gospel AP. Pull the skin back over the meat and season the outside of it as well. Since you are seasoning both the meat and the skin be sure not to season too heavy. Allow that seasoning to adhere for at least 15 minutes.

Smoked Turkey Leg

Smoke the turkey legs
Place the drumsticks in the smoker. Spritz the turkey anytime it looks dry. We use a spritz mix of 3:1 cider vinegar to water and spritzed 2-3 times.

Smoked Turkey Leg
Smoke the turkey legs until they reach 160 internal temp. When you remove them from the smoker they will carryover cook a few more degrees to get you to 165.

Smoked Turkey Leg

Depending on the size of your drumsticks this cook will take approximately 2 hours to 2 hours and 45 minutes. We cooked 2 sizes of turkey legs in our How-To video with the smaller going 2:00 and the monsters going 2:45 -

Remove from the smoker, allow to cool 15 minutes and enjoy!

Smoked Turkey Leg

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