Barbacoa Tacos Living in Texas means access to great barbacoa tacos every Saturday for my family. My wife introduce...

The Ultimate Prime Rib

  The Ultimate Prime RibI have prepared prime rib so many different ways in my lifetime. Smoked, reverse seared, etc...

Brisket tamales

Brisket Tamales Ingredients 2 quarts plus 2½ cups warm chicken or beef broth, divided 1 (8-ounce) can tomato sau...

Beef Tenderloin

Smoking a whole beef tenderloin is an elevated classic dish that my family thoroughly enjoys, especially during the Holidays. 

Shrimp Brochette

Years ago at an epic Super Bowl party I stumbled across what would become one of my favorite tailgating or just general appetizers of all time - Grilled Shrimp Brochette. My buddy Dave Jimenez used to make tons of these bacon wrapped gems. There was a lot of labor involved in making tons of these for a huge Super Bowl party but I have found that the reward is worth it!

Armadillo Eggs

Here in Texas we call these Armadillo Eggs. They are so meaty and hearty that we may start calling them Meat Church Eggs! These are a great appetizer or tailgate treat. It works as a snack or is even hearty enough to be the main course for some folks. 

Beef Tips

If you follow us you know we love E3 Meat Co out of Fort Scott, Kansas. Everyone in that organization is like family...

Pig Shots

Pig shots are a simple and amazing appetizer or tailgating recipe! Plus, anytime you can combine cream cheese and bacon that is a win for me. 

Crab Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers

Kick your jalapeño popper game up a notch this weekend. This recipe incorporates crab meat to create the Meat Church...

Country Fried Blended Hamburger Steaks with Cream Gravy

I'm loving this blenditarian concept. This blend is an incredibly tasty way to get vegetables into my diet. This conc...


Ingredients 6 cloves smoked garlic (it's still great if you don't smoke it) 1 shallot, minced 1 jalapeño, chopped fi...

Beef Belly Burnt Ends

The evolution of the burnt ends just keeps on rolling. If you know me well, you know I love and respect the time hon...
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